Netflow is the joint venture between Cintra and Plenary with a focus on road projects in Australia and New Zealand.

It brings together two of the largest developers and managers of infrastructure globally to provide competitive offerings for road projects including static and dynamic tolling, user recognition and managed lanes.

Netflow harnesses Cintra and Plenary’s extensive in-house capabilities in design and construction, traffic and revenue analysis, project management, finance, road operations and maintenance, customer service and tolling technology.

It offers governments a genuine operator-led option for the procurement of road projects.

Cintra and Plenary are also part of the Nexus Infrastructure consortium delivering the A$1.6 billion Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project.

Cintra is one of the largest developers and investors in transport infrastructure in the world, managing more than A$30 billion of assets including 26 road concessions across Australia, the US, Canada, Europe and South America.

Cintra has delivered technical and financial solutions for some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects, applying cutting-edge technology and design innovation to minimise financing, construction and operational costs.

Plenary is a leading independent developer, manager and long-term investor of public infrastructure with 44 projects worth more than A$32 billion across Australia, Canada and the US.

Plenary adopts a holistic approach to delivering projects that embraces finance, design and construction, complementary commercial development, asset management and operations.